The major task of a trailblazer is to set up a new entity inside, or outside, an organisation. The task results from a shortcoming detected in the organisation. Something ‘new’…

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Floriade & Leiden European City of Science 2022

Two events that address the challenges of mankind regarding global warming and world-wide urbanisation. Driehoek Research Support contributes to both events, as trailblazer of the…

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The EUropean PLANT metabolites platform of CROP Protection is the European research infrastructure of the eco-metabolomics approach to sustainable crop protection. EUPLANTCROPP…

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Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases; a human view

This book by Jos Frantzen and Theo Wobbes will present a multi- and interdisciplinary view on epidemics surpassing the biomedical sciences. A triadic model of health and disease…

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Urban Health Campus Almere Leiden

Nature is the basis of life on earth. We need it to feed, to breath, and to relax. Urbanisation has resulted in an erosion of nature worldwide. In addition, it triggered a climate…

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Valorisation of plants | Accelerating innovations

Are you thinking about valorisation of a plant? We may explore the opportunities for you using our efficacious approach to valorisation. Working on an application? No doubt you…

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Impact by publishing and promoting

DRS offers splendid visualizations of the results of your research reports. A step further than publishing is promoting your research and your organization.

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Scientific Debate | an essential piece of Open Science

Debate is essential to interpret scientific data. But how do we shape a scientific debate in a world driven by an abundance of data, countless non-scientific discussions and when…

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Leiden Bio-active Molecules & EU-call Biobridges

Driehoek Research Support takes care of an efficacious exploitation of the Leiden bio-active molecules library and also provides a member of the Advisory Board of the EU-project…

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Managing Organisations

DRSupport developed an own approach to getting research organisation smart. The four essential parts are Preparing, Screening, Drafting and Implementing.

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