We missed a long time the happiness, as triggered by the snow and ice of the last week. Everybody went out to skate, snowboard, or just walk around. We sensed brotherhood, which was absent due to the Corona-lockdown. Great that we are able to enjoy our life still. Great to announce the extension of our services and our revised website here. You may read it in this Newsletter.

Added value of graphical design

New concepts of science by design

The traditional way of achieving impact of your research is by way of publishing reports and articles in scientific journals. The scientific content is, of course, of prime interest. In addition, you need to pay attention to the lay out the of the content. High quality illustrations, infographics and figures may support the dissemination of your scientific message at maximum. DRS offers a designer to guarantee a splendid visualization of the results of your research. You may read more about it on the page impact of our website.

Impact by promoting

A new outlook

A step further than publishing is promoting your research, your organisation, to achieve impact. We support you to identify your target audience and to design tailor-made promotions. We have in-house expertise to design smaller promotions, like logo’s and flyers. We have partners at hand to develop collaboratively extensive promotions, like websites and meetings. You may also look on the page impact of our website.

New website

Music as a metaphor

We use music as a metaphor of research to high-light the role of a research manager in preparing proposals, organizing research units, and guaranteeing impact. The website is up-dated with respect to the DRS-team and it indicates specifically our activities with respect to publishing and promoting research. We like to acknowledge the professional work of Studio Ernst and René Glas-Fotografie en Ontwerp in revising the website.

Do you like to have a maximum of return of your research money? Does your research belong to the Life Sciences? Just contact us for more information, on paper, by way of a presentation, or an exploring chat.