Impact by publishing and promoting

DRS offers splendid visualizations of the results of your research reports. A step further than publishing is promoting your research and your organization.

Scientific Debate | an essential piece of Open Science

Debate is essential to interpret scientific data. But how do we shape a scientific debate in a world driven by an abundance of data, countless non-scientific discussions and when its no longer clear what is fact and what is opinion?

Leiden Bio-active Molecules & EU-call Biobridges

Driehoek Research Support takes care of an efficacious exploitation of the Leiden bio-active molecules library and also provides a member of the Advisory Board of the EU-project Biobridges.

Good Science

Good Science; scientists need freedom of expression, need to provide orientation in a plethora of information, need the love of truth as an attitude to explore.

Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking

The bio-based industry of Europe has set-up a R&D-programme to stimulate the bio-based economy. It is called the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking.

Intelligent Open Science

You will read here more about Open Science; Intelligent Open Science as we will call it to distinguish it from just simply opening up science.