Managing Organisations

DRSupport developed an own approach to getting research organisation smart. The four essential parts are Preparing, Screening, Drafting and Implementing.

Managing Proposals

A coordinator, principal investigator, faces a challenge in preparing an excellent proposal. DRS supports the preparation of proposals in a very active way.

Intelligent Open Science

You will read here more about Open Science; Intelligent Open Science as we will call it to distinguish it from just simply opening up science.

Impact of science & GDPR

We know it all submitting a proposal. The expected impact of the proposed research and innovation is one of the major factors determining a successful application. Your project should have a significant impact on, science, economics, or the societal challenges like human health and climate change.

DRS proposals

Good Science; scientists need freedom of expression, need to provide orientation in a plethora of information, need the love of truth as an attitude to explore.