Urban Health Campus Almere Leiden

Nature is the basis of life on earth. We need it to feed, to breath, and to relax. Urbanisation has resulted in an erosion of nature worldwide. In addition, it triggered a climate change that will affect ultimately the lives of millions of people. Mankind is facing huge problems to keep the earth vital. Actually, we are searching for nature-based solutions to solve the problems.

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Managing Organisations

DRSupport developed an own approach to getting research organisation smart. The four essential parts are Preparing, Screening, Drafting and Implementing.

Managing Proposals

A coordinator, principal investigator, faces a challenge in preparing an excellent proposal. DRS supports the preparation of proposals in a very active way.

Intelligent Open Science

You will read here more about Open Science; Intelligent Open Science as we will call it to distinguish it from just simply opening up science.

Impact of science & GDPR

We know it all submitting a proposal. The expected impact of the proposed research and innovation is one of the major factors determining a successful application. Your project should have a significant impact on, science, economics, or the societal challenges like human health and climate change.

DRS proposals

Good Science; scientists need freedom of expression, need to provide orientation in a plethora of information, need the love of truth as an attitude to explore.