Excellent research is no guarantee of impact. You need to communicate your results to the right audience. First of all, you define your target audience and, subsequently, you need to choose excellent communication tools. It is like designing a cover of a music album. DRS may, therefore, support you not only in creating excellent research. We may also provide outstanding visual communication. Our graphic designer will, in close collaboration with you, create visual language to guarantee the impact of your research.

Impact by publishing

New concepts of science by design

The traditional way of achieving impact of your research is by way of publishing reports and articles in scientific journals. The scientific content is, of course, of prime interest. In addition, you need to lay out the content at best. High quality illustrations, infographics and figures may support the dissemination of your scientific message at maximum.

DRS may convey your message by way of infographics, or illustrations, when publishing the results of a project. To do this, we go through a process. First, we will analyze the context of the visual at an academic level. Next, we will provide a broad range of concepts, of which we select a final one, by way of design iterations. The final product will then be delivered in any format required.

We designed a hand-out, a poster, an infographic, and an illustration in a science paper.

Impact by promoting

A new outlook

In setting up an organization or consortium, presenting your identity is essential to guarantee impact. This is what we call promoting. Promoting starts at a low level: logo design, flyer design and business cards. It can go all the way up to complete brand identity, videos, web design and meetings.

DRS may design your promotion. First of all, we identify the aim of the promotion. We, subsequently, draw up concepts of promotion keeping the aim in mind. From these concepts, iteratively, a final product is created in close collaboration with you. This tailor-made product is then handed over in the desired format. We have partners at hand to develop collaboratively extensive promotions, like websites and meetings.

We designed logo’s, flyers and business cards.

All graphical design for your promoting and publishing.