A boost of energy! The days become longer, plants start to flower, trees turn green, the flu vanishes, we feel like born again. Spring is the time for new initiatives like looking at the organisation of your research and innovation. Is it SMART? If not, how does it become SMART? You read it here.

Adopt the right approach to organisation management.
Manage the research within your organisation as a cycle irrespectively whether it is at a scale of, a research team, a department, an institution, or even a country.

Stimulate the creativity of scientists to generate novel ideas.
You may notice that stress is a well-known killer of creativity. So, you need relaxed scientists to increase your research potential!

Support scientists at maximum to obtain grants, or investments.
You may notice the competition for funding is severe. You cannot provide some grant advice only. Scientists need much more support to enter the strong competition for funding. In addition, you should not kill their creativity forcing them into competition without sufficient support!

Create an environment of stimulating reproducible science.
You may notice that about 80% of medical research is the more or the less invalid due to sloppy science practice, or even fraud. Each invalid study weakens your organisation. In contrast, each valid study provides excellent results strengthening your organisation. You should facilitate the integrity of all research staff at maximum!

Use excellent research results to build up state-of-the-art knowledge.
You should first of all continue employment of the scientists involved. Secondly, you should take care of data stewardship based on the FAIR-principles. You may even use the results to attract new scientists! The larger the research potential, the higher the probability of funding, the more research you can conduct. Your organisation gets in the right, cyclic, flow.

Contact DRS if you do have any questions.
We would like to guide you to a smart organisation of your research.