You may wonder about the burst of growing and flowering in Spring. Nature is well prepared to use the opportunities provided by a rising temperature and the increasing light. It is like a society, an institution, or company, governed by visionary leadership enabling a swift adaptation to the dynamics of our world community. You will read here more about the need of visionary leadership among research institutes, companies, and the Dutch government.

Visionary view on research institutes

Research institutes and R&D-driven companies face the challenge of, both opening research data and guaranteeing research integrity. These challenges will force the institutions, companies, to re-organise research and development fundamentally. Are they, however, prepared? Do they have a management strategy ready to tackle these challenges? Driehoek Research Support provided some basics of such a strategy at the 25th Annual Conference of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators in Bologna. We introduced the term FAIR-R data, in which the second R stands for ‘reproducible’.

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You may look up the slides of the visionary presentation by clicking the image above.

Visionary view on agriculture

Agriculture in The Netherlands suffers from some severe problems a long time already. Huge amounts of manure and synthetic pesticides contaminate the environment threatening human health. In addition, the transport of the required inputs and the resulting products requires a lot of energy as these are transported world-wide. Last, but not least, the income of the farmers is, on average, at a minimum due to unfair trading.

More and more farmers are forced to end their farming, and sometimes their lives, due to the financial troubles. The Dutch Ministery of Agriculture is unable to exert visionary leadership. The CEO of DRS entered the public discussion about agriculture in the Dutch newspaper Trouw. He outlined an integrated approach to tackle the problems. Fair-trading is pivot in his view on agriculture. It may be achieved by way of dealing about product prices in specific areas, i.e. area-oriented agriculture.

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You may download the visionary publication, in Dutch newspaper Trouw, here, or read it online.

Visionary view on Dutch Universities

The Dutch universities suffer from teaching an increasing number of students while the financial support of the Government got stuck. In addition, scientists spend a huge amount of time to grant proposals, which fail often anyway. The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) recognised the problems, but it was unable to tackle these appropriately. The system of financial support of universities is very complex. In addition, the governance of the universities is rather inefficacious. Finally, the Government did not want to increase the overall funding of the universities. DRS entered the societal debate providing a fresh view on organising science and education at the Dutch universities. We took a bottom-up approach to the organisation of the universities starting from basic units. Such an organisation is not efficacious only, it also is transparent facilitating political decisions with respect to the universities. You may read the visionary document in Dutch here.
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