A smart organization is needed to excel in research and innovation at the lowest possible costs. It looks simple to arrive at it. An organization is, however, a complex of people and facilities involved, irrespectively it is, a project, a research department, or a university. DRS facilitates scientists, institute managers, and CEOs, to translate their research organization in a smart one taking into account the scale of it, we are like artists providing an interactive performance.


Interactive performance

A research manager starting to organize a research unit may have a feeling like a pop-artist at the start of a concert. How do you bend the plurality you are facing in one, desirable, direction?

The research manager needs to be very sensitive for the signals coming out of an organization like a pop-artist does sense the audience. The signals picked up need, subsequently, to be translated in excellent music, organization management, which passionates the audience, the staff of a research unit.

Organization management

A good sense of people and planning

We start each organization management task reading relevant documents and compiling a list of staff to be interviewed. We interview, in general, 5-30 people depending on the size of an organization, a study team. The interviews are confidential. We present the aggregated, anonymous, results to the client only. We, subsequently, develop a concept of plan to get the organization smarter. We check the feasibility of implementation of the plan by discussing it with the same people interviewed earlier. We finalize the plan using the comments of the second round of interviews. DRS may, subsequently, implement the plan, or not, depending on the requirements of the client.

We feel organizing research depends strongly on the type of it. Organizing, for example, clinical research is something quite different than organizing lab-based pure basic research. In addition, we need to avoid waste of money by eliminating superfluous research.
(Lancet, 2014, 383: 156-165).

DRS facilitated a smarter organization of the research of an international company,a top-referent hospital, an international research organization and a university.


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