Acquiring funding, internal or external, is the basis of any scientific project. Writing good research proposals and protocols is required. That is not easy, whether it involves relatively small and simple projects, such as a clinical trial within a hospital, or an international and multidisciplinary application for EU funding. We support scientists at maximum to translate their research ideas into strong research proposals and protocols. The role of a research manager in preparing a proposal resembles the one of a concert-master in an orchestra.


The conduit between conductor and orchestra

A concert-master is leading the orchestra at some moments, being even a soloist, but the conductor remains the overall leader. A research manager also needs to be a soloist sometimes, whereas the coordinating scientist leads the research team.

The concert-master is sitting next to the conductor to take over duties whenever required. Similarly, a research manager should collaborate very closely with a scientist to provide any help needed.

We build a research team, a consortium, based on either suggestions of the principal investigator, or we do an own search for suitable team members. We always check the quality and availability of selected candidates ourselves. We organize meetings, set-up the budget, provide methodological support, prepare submissions to an Ethics Committee, and we pay special attention to the required impact, to arrive at a high-ranking proposal.

Driehoek Research Support

Building the team

We are convinced that the success rate of a proposal is already at 50% just by employing professional research management.

DRS served scientists to develop research proposals at the level of the own institution, the Dutch national level, and the European level. At the European level, we have experience in grant applications under Horizon 2020, INTERREG, and C-IPM.

Besides preparing complete proposals, we may take care of specific parts of a proposal preparation. We may, for example, take care of the lay-out of proposal providing high-quality illustrations, a logo, and so on. In addition, we may review a draft of proposal solely to serve the finishing touch of a proposal, which is that important. A proposal needs to be excellent!