This years' summer is a very busy one. Is it a reaction to the preceding lockdown everywhere? Do people spend less time on holidays this summer? Or, is it just a biased view? Anyway, it is a busy time for Driehoek Research Support. One of the jobs is directed to Leiden Bio-active Molecules as you will read in this newsletter. You may also be interested in a European call of bio-based economy. You may read it as well here.

Leiden Bio-Active Molecules

The former Knowledge Centre of Plant Compounds has set up a library of extracts. It encompasses extracts of about 2200 crops of Dutch horticulture. Data is available of, growing conditions of the plants extracted, legal status, and preliminary screenings. The Province of Zuid-Holland owns the library. It is hosted by Leiden University, Institute of Biology, and more specifically the group of Leiden bio-active molecules.

Driehoek Research Support takes care of an efficacious exploitation of the library. It organises the stewardship of the extracts, plants and data. In addition, DRS takes care of the dissemination of the extract library to potential users in business and academia. A challenging job on behalf of the Institute of Biology Leiden.

EU-Call Biobridges

Driehoek Research Support provides a member of the Advisory Board of the EU-project ‘Bio-bridges’.
The aim of the project is to promote the bio-based economy in Europe and, especially, the branding and implementation of bio-based products.

Are you involved in R&D of bio-based materials? Is your target group the automotive industry? And do you have a project idea ready? If yes to all three questions, you may be interested in an open call of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in collaboration with Biobridges. The call is open until the 24th of September.

Do you like to have a maximum of return of your research money? Does your research belong to the Life Sciences? Just contact us for more information, on paper, by way of a presentation, or an exploring chat.