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Does your research, or innovation, belong to the Life Sciences? Do you like to have a maximum of return of each of your Euros? Just contact us for, more written information, an informal phone call, or a meeting face to face. We may also provide a short presentation for a larger audience on site. It is up to you!

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Establishing a new contact is not easy. It is like passing to another side of a river. Is the bridge firm enough? Do I encounter suspicious people having no space to escape? What do I find at the other side? You may have such questions even if the bridge looks firm and the sun is shining bride.

Similarly you may have doubts to contact DRS. What people do I meet? What is the quality of the services? Is it too expensive?

We can answer all these questions, reassure you, having contact only! So, let you astonish by our empathy and the quality of our services of great price.

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Hazezegge 19, 2318 ZH Leiden

+31 (0)71 34 11 257

Joscha Frantzen

Jos Frantzen

Jos Frantzen
Founder & General Manager

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Lucas Frantzen