Great funding

Adopt the right approach to funding. Determine the research potential in your research group, institution/company, and your network.

Reproducible research | an international challenge

DRS attended the fifth world conference on research integrity in Amsterdam like the other 800 participants from all over the world.

DRS proposals

Good Science; scientists need freedom of expression, need to provide orientation in a plethora of information, need the love of truth as an attitude to explore.

Is the organisation of your research and innovation SMART?

Looking at the organisation of your research and innovation. Is it SMART? If not, how does it become SMART?

New Website

DRS website: professional research management is all about linking smartly, funding, people, and facilities, to achieve top science.

Research Integrity

Scientists can no more ignore the topic of research integrity since the typical cases of fraud. Professor Lex Bouter, therefore, established a Netherlands Research Integrity Network.