This issue of the Newsletter is called ‘Winter’, although we did not have any winter weather yet. Anyway, we finalised the annual report of 2019 and we entered the new year, the new decade, full of plans. You may request the report 2019 – outlook 2020 by E-mail (see contact below). If so, you may read that DRS focuses and two categories of jobs, managing proposals and managing organisations. We will highlight the first category in this Newsletter and mention briefly our contribution to organising an international conference.

Managing Proposals

A coordinator, principal investigator, faces a challenge in preparing an excellent proposal, especially upon calls of the European Commission. DRS supports the preparation of a proposal in a very active way. Meanwhile we developed an own approach to supporting a coordinator. The development profited especially from experiences with proposals that failed, as always in life. We describe here the three essential parts of our approach to managing a proposal.

Preparing phase

The coordinator works out the project idea using a DRS-template. A suitable call is selected by the coordinator, or DRS. The conditions of participation of partners are settled using a DRS-template of a letter-of-intent (LOI). Finally, an agreement is concluded with respect to the support of DRS.

Construction of consortium

The coordinator works out the project idea to the, scientific, basis of a proposal. Partners are, subsequently, invited to participate the consortium. Parties can participate upon signing the LOI. All partners participate a consortium meeting. We discuss, the basis of the proposal, the composition and lead of work packages, and the time lines to prepare and submit a proposal. DRS facilitates primarily the coordinator in this stage of proposal preparation.

Writing the proposal

DRS takes the lead in working out the basis of proposal to a complete one fitting the call conditions. We do this, of course, in close collaboration with the coordinator. DRS takes care of the parts ‘dissemination’ and ‘implementation’ of the proposal using the inputs of all partners. The coordinator can focus on its’ own specific contributions to the proposed project. DRS also takes care of a splendid (graphical) presentation of the proposal. Finally, DRS completes the proposal using comments of all the partners. We have learnt that writing a successful proposal hinges largely on the timely contributions of the partners. It underpins the significance of constructing a dedicated consortium, as outlined above.

Organising SIP2020-Conference

We take care of the part ‘dissemination’ of the 17th Symposium on Insect-Plant relationships in Leiden from the 26th to the 30th of July 2020. Dissemination becomes more and more a significant activity in science. DRS is equipped to guarantee top dissemination.
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