We have acknowledged dry and warm summers for a long time from a point of view of having great holidays. We see it turning more and more in a threat, as we are running out of fresh water in summer, even in a country as The Netherlands. Nature and agriculture are suffering from drought and the very high temperature poses a serious risk to frail people. We highlight here two events that address the challenges of mankind regarding global warming and world-wide urbanisation. Driehoek Research Support contributes to both events, as trailblazer of the Urban Health Campus Almere Leiden. 


The online Floriade Dialogue number 23 on the 25th of March was all about the increasing urbanisation that is taking place worldwide, and the impact of it on human health. It fitted the Floriade Expo 2022 sub-theme of ‘feeding and healthying the city’. Feeding, and more specifically healthy food, was the specific topic of previous editions of the Floriade Dialogues. In this edition, we addressed the topic of building a resilient urban community by way of a proper design of the urban space and creating equity.

Stress is inherent to life. We have to cope with environmental conditions, like a high temperature, work-related stress, relational stress, and physical and mental stress due to diseases. We cannot avoid daily stress. We need to be resilient to it. Resilience is built up during daily periods in a healthy environment. An environment of fresh air and free of toxic substances, an environment inviting to have physical exercise, like walking, an environment of social contacts, an inspiring environment. In addition, we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that resilience at the population level is required to cope with infectious diseases. We cannot exclude people from a healthy life.

The recorded Dialogue may be viewed at You Tube


Leiden European City of Science 2022, in collaboration with the New European Bauhaus initiative of the European Commission and the Urban Health Campus Almere Leiden, presents a programme entitled ‘Urban Health’ on Thursday, the 13th of October 2022. 

The multidimensionality of health in an urban environment serves as lead of the day. Urban health will, therefore, be presented in a context of, environment, inclusiveness and business. The dimensions of urban health will be explored by way of, (i) academic brainstorming, (ii) turning academic ideas in applied research, (iii) and implementation of scientific knowledge in daily practice. Participants will be invited to share their own views on urban health. All-together, the outcome of the day will be a multi-faceted view on health in an urban environment. 

Participation is possible by way of registration at Eventbrite.

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