A period of darkness, cold, and gloominess. And then, at once, the white flowers of the common snowdrop appear. It looks like the world changes completely. These small tiny plants. Similarly, Driehoek Research Support received the great job to manage the European Research Infrastructure EUPLANTCROPP; just after a business dip at the end of 2017. You will read here more about the importance of research infrastructures, in general, and EUPLANTCROPP specifically.

Research infrastructures

The importance of European research infrastructures can be read in the following quote of the ‘European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures’ (European Commission, Brussels, 2016):

“Research Infrastructures, including e-infrastructures, are at the core of the knowledge triangle of research, education and innovation and therefore play a vital role in the advancement of knowledge and technology and their exploitation. By offering high-quality services to Users from different countries, engaging young people, attracting new Users and preparing the next generation of researchers, Research Infrastructures help in structuring the scientific community and play a key role in the construction of an efficient research and innovation environment. Support to the effective and efficient construction and operation of Research Infrastructures is a key priority in realising the European Research Area and in promoting open science and open innovation. Because of their ability to assemble a critical mass of people, knowledge and investment, Research Infrastructures contribute to regional, national, European and global development and are one of the most efficient tools to facilitate international cooperation in science.”

You may notice the term ‘triangle’, which is the equivalence of the Dutch word ‘driehoek’. We included the word ‘driehoek’ in the company’s name to depict in one, simple, symbol the complexity of the real world we have to deal with. We are experts in ‘triangle’-jobs, like the one of managing EUPLANTCROPP.

The European research infrastructure to employ the eco-metabolomics approach to sustainable crop protection based on plant metabolites ( It offers state-of-the-art facilities, knowledge and services to profit and non-profit parties to develop and implement sustainable crop protection. Farmers, and other stakeholders, are urgently looking for novel, sustainable, methods of crop protection as synthetic pesticides are valid no more. EUPLANTCROPP is governed by a non-profit, international, Association of public and private institutional members. The head office of the Association is hosted by DRS in Leiden (NL).

The job of EUPLANTCROPP offers us the opportunity to employ the whole palette of DRS research management. A challenging job. You will read certainly more about it in this Newsletter later on. In addition, you may read a contribution of the manager to the Dutch Newspaper Trouw, which is directed to sustainable crop protection.

TROUW, de verdieping
door Jos Frantzen 9:34, 19 januari 2018
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