Spring is the time of new life, initiating new activities. Here, we will, however, pick up an activity that started back in 2017. It was the establishment of EUPLANTCROPP, of which the management was, and is, in the hands of DRS. We reported about it in an issue of the Newsletter in 2018. In this issue, you will read about the progress of EUPLANTCROPP since 2018.


The EUropean PLANT metabolites platform of CROP Protection

The EUropean PLANT metabolites platform of CROP Protection is the European research infrastructure of the eco-metabolomics approach to sustainable crop protection. EUPLANTCROPP offers state-of-the-art facilities, knowledge, and services, to profit and non-profit parties to develop and implement sustainable crop protection. The research infrastructure is governed by the not-for-profit, international, Association EUPLANTCROPP. The headquarters of the Association is hosted by DRS in Leiden (NL). The Association has currently 11 institutional members that are located in six European countries. The three major objectives, and the achievements regarding these so far, are the following,

Objective Structuring

Structuring and integrating knowledge and facilities directed to R&D in, resistance of crops, immunisation, resilience, biological control, and inherent safe bio-pesticides.

The 11 members of EUPLANTCROPP exchanged information about available staff, facilities and services enabling a swift settlement of an international research team for the preparation and execution of a specific project. The members also enable access to an extended network of stakeholders in the area of sustainable crop protection.

Objective Innovation

Support of Research and Development in sustainable crop protection by way of, drafting, initiating, and executing, collaborative, international, R&D-projects.

Eighteen project ideas have been generated, so far, for public and private parties concerning R&D in the area of sustainable crop protection. Seven have been worked out to high-ranking proposals, of which two resulted in projects that are executed.

Objective Data Stewardship

Offering, Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable and Reproducible (FAIR-R) data of the efficacy and safety of plant compounds in crop protection.

The collection of data has been started upon initiating the first R&D-projects by way of EUPLANTCROPP. The set-up of a repository is a real challenge requiring substantial investments in terms of time and funding. It is pending still.

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