Skating out-of-doors. A magnificent feeling to pass the frozen canals and lakes looking around at the landscape. The wind around your head, the sun shining. And, all the other skaters around making it a real social event. It happened, fortunately, this winter in The Netherlands. We had a similar feeling renewing the old website and starting the new year. You will read more about the novel website and the annual report of 2016 in this Newsletter.


We designed a complete new website. It offers a lot of information now. We dedicated the home page especially to research management explaining the name of the company. We feel professional research management is all about linking smartly, funding, people, and facilities, to achieve top science. We spend as well a page to describe the activities of DRS to get research, or innovation, proposals funded. We present a novelty of providing a review of a complete proposal for a fixed price of € 500 in a very short time. The activities of DRS organising research and innovation are highlighted on another page. We take the type of research and the size of the organisation, or company, explicitly into account making a research organisation, or a team, smart.

We launch DRS-activities specifically directed to research integrity. Research integrity was always, and is still, a starting point for all our activities. We, however, felt the societal need of providing tailor-made services with respect to research integrity. So, we are entering a real new niche announcing it here explicitly. Finally, the website includes now a page announcing a free service of DRS to guide scientists with respect to their career. The CEO of DRS did help junior- and senior-scientists for years already. We, however thought the free service should be promoted knowing the common need of scientists to be supported in deciding about their careers within, or outside academia.

What is a research manager? What does she, or he, do? Is it somebody sitting behind a desk and driving a splendid car? These are common questions due to lack of knowledge and experience among scientists and other stakeholders in innovation and science. We, therefore, sought for a good framework of our website. We found it in music. The parallels between science and music are striking. The role of a research manager can be perfectly expressed using analogues in music. So, we did on the brand-new website. And, it is completely in English now to serve all our contacts abroad and foreigners in The Netherlands.


In contrast to exploring novelties for the website, writing an annual report is rather boring. It is, however, an efficacious way to see where the company is now, and where to go. The preceding year 2016 was one of stabilising, but also one of preparing the new branch of ‘research integrity’. Do you like to read the annual report? You may just ask us for a digital copy.