The leaves on trees turn into a fascinating spectrum of colours. Brown, yellow, red. They also start to fall down onto the ground. It is like the results of proposals. These fall down in all kind of scores from the review committees onto the scientists. You may read here the results of some proposals DRS worked on.


We submitted the first-stage proposal EUPLANTCROPP upon a call for European Research Infrastructures. We propose to establish this European Plant metabolites platform of Crop Protection as a 4.0 research infrastructure providing an eco-metabolomics approach to crop protection The coordinator is Prof. Dr. Peter Klinkhamer of the Institute Biology Leiden. We passed the first stage very well having a score of 10 out of 10 points.
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The proposal TWIC was submitted upon a call of C-IPM, the European programme to Coordinate research and innovation in Integrated Pest Management. The proposal is directed to Thrips and Whitefly Integrated Control, two common pests in vegetables and ornamentals. The coordinator also is Prof. Dr. Peter Klinkhamer of the Institute Biology Leiden. One of the partners of EUPLANTCROPP, INRA, does participate in this proposal as well. We passed the first stage successfully. The selection committee did not provide scores of the proposals selected for the second stage. We have meanwhile submitted the full proposal.
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We submitted a proposal upon a call of the European Regional Development Fund for innovation projects in the area of North-West Europe. Our proposal could, however, not pass the first stage.


What was, and is, the role of a research manager in proposal development? It depends strongly on the coordinator. Some like to write the draft of a proposal themselves, others leave it completely to the research manager, or both may sit together and write. Similarly, the build-up of the consortium may be done by the coordinator, the research manager, or both. In other words, a research manager may hold the ladder at the bottom, stand near the top, or everywhere in between. It doesn’t matter as long as the result is an outstanding proposal. That is the philosophy of DRS.